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Welcome to the podcast about Amiga computers - AMIcast!

Every month you'll find new episode with my invited guest. Podcast is about Amiga: the best parts from past and new future with next generation Amigas. Every episode will include some of famous amiga music.
Below you can play episodes. Also you will find more information with links to reference materials.

Episode 0 Introduction More
Episode 1 AmiKit More
Episode SE 1 Hyperion? More
Episode 2 Epsilon More
Episode 3 Petro More
Episode 4 Pascal/ARES More
Episode SE 2 FriendOS More
Episode 5 BSzili More
Episode 6 New A1200 Housing More
Episode 7 Amiga 30 Germany More
Episode 8 Sonnet PPC More
Episode 9 Museum of IT & PPA More
Episode 10 BigGun/VampireA600 More
Episode 11 Mike/Cloanto More
Episode SE 3 ACM 2016 More
Episode 12 Jim/Gateway More
Episode 13 Daytona More

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